Having an incorrect wheel alignment would be like trying to walk around all-day with your shoes on the wrong feet. At the end of the day, your feet would be sore , your shoes will be worn all funny and you’d have probably tripped over a few times trying to turn corners. A proper wheel alignment brings all the moving parts of your suspension into alignment with one another in relation to your vehicle’s chassis, ensuring peak drivability, performance and/or tyre wear.

A full & complete wheel alignment should assess both front and rear ends of a vehicle, and adjust, where possible, settings such as camber, caster, and toe. Whilst all vehicle manufacturers will specify these settings from factory, an experience technician can also tailor an alignment to suit the needs of the specific vehicle and driver. Perhaps your 4x4 is lifted, you are setting up a race or drift car, or you simply want the best tyre wear possible for your daily driver, our highly trained technicians can tailor your wheel alignment to suit your unique requirements.

Beware of regular tyre stores offering a free wheel alignment with your new tyre purchase. Known colloquially in the industry as a “toe-n-go” alignment, these ‘free’ wheel alignments are often nothing more than a quick check of toe and steering wheel position, and do not include the more technical camber and caster adjustments that are critical in achieving a proper wheel alignment.

A comprehensive wheel alignment requires highly trained & experienced technicians and sophisticated electronic equipment to ensure complete accuracy and safety. At The Wheel Deal we use the latest Hunter HawkEye Elite wheel alignment machine and have years of industry experience in aligning everything from lifted 4x4’s to high performance sports cars.


Contact one of our highly trained and experienced technician's for a perfect Wheel Alignment


The difference between the track widths as measured at the leading and trailing edges of the tyres or wheels (relative to parallel).


The angle of the wheel (relative to vertical), as viewed from the front or the rear of the vehicle.


The angle to which the steering pivot axis is tilted forward or rearward (relative to vertical), as viewed from the side of the vehicle.


Wheel sizes are determined by its diameter, width and offset. When looking at a wheel the width is measured from right to left between the wheel edges.

A comprehensive wheel alignment will include:

  • A highly trained and experienced technician
  • A regularly calibrated, state-of-the-art electronic wheel alignment machine
  • An assessment of both front and rear-end alignment settings, along with the intended use of the vehicle.
  • Adjustment of all available camber, caster and toe settings as required

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27 Feb 2022

Awesome service gr8 communication ,as my rim was no longer available anywhere an could not find one they had one ordered an made for me with no extra costs was told 4 months but should up before that so happy thank's very much highly recommended

Michael Augustyn
25 Feb 2022

Excellent service and a great price on a set of Dirty Life Canyon Pro wheels for my Gladiator. I was even able to avoid shipping costs as they allowed me to pick them up directly from their warehouse in Brisbane. Trent was great to deal with and always replied to emails quickly. Highly recommended!

Ozian Adventures
08 Feb 2022

Trent and Jarrard were extremely helpful in all aspects, whether it be helping with inquiries on in hand stock through their FaceBook page, updating me with shipping status to NSW, and finally helping me with a replacement centre cap sticker which had fallen off (at fault of my own, and even express posting it out). Will definitely purchase from them again! Thanks for all the help :)

Kado Huang
10 Jan 2022

Did some hunting around for the wheels I was after, pricing was sharp and Daniel was quick to reply to me on an after sale question which is great. Same day dispatch also a big tick. Very happy with the service I received.

Martinus Bourgonje
26 Nov 2021

Cannot fault our dealings with this company. Daniel was extremely helpful and the wheels are awesome, pic does not do the colour justice. Thank you

Genie Exhaust WA
22 Nov 2021

Great little shop! Really good prices. Was helped by james ( sorry if i got your name wrong ), gave me great advice on what i was after and purposes for different sets of tires an rims. Chatted about 4wd an all sorts while i waited for it all to be fitted. Super friendly. Highly recommend!

Aaron MG
28 Oct 2021

Awesome service and advice from crew at TheWheelDeal. Trent gave some great help in narrowing down the many different styles and options. I highly recommend them.

Rod Cumming
22 Oct 2021

Fantastic experience! Helpful and knowledgeable staff, nothing too hard. Very happy, thanks!!

Jeff Innes
23 Sep 2021

The sales team at the wheel deal were fabulous. My order was sent in 2 stages as the rims had to go on backorder. After a further delay due to world shipping issue the team kept my informed , and as soon as they became available shipped to me directly. Great service. Look forward to the next order. Thanks .

jayson matthews
18 Sep 2021

Have had the pleasure of dealing with the guys at The Wheel Deal a couple of times now. Very professional, prompt and friendly service. They are a fair drive from where I live but am happy to travel for that kind of service. Will be using again in the future and recommending to all my friends.

Adam Davis